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Other Therapies

Nina & Jerry are also available for any of the following therapies. Please contact them on 07951 310 888 0r email Nina should you wish to find out more or to book an appointment.

Nina & Jerry Proudly Present - CRYSTAL LIGHT BED THERAPY

DivineLights Crystal BedVogel Cut Crystal


A Profound New Healing Therapy for 2022

We have been `Blessed` and given permission by John of God (of Brazil)

To be allowed to offer the Amazing Crystal Light Bed Therapy Healing

at our "Clinic of Miracles" in Newcastle upon Tyne

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Tarot Card Readings

Akashic Tarot Card Readings - Nina's Psychic reading to you, is "With a personal touch!" I am here if:

  • You need help with difficult decisions!.

  • Feel alone with no one to turn to!.

  • Need someone to listen to you, to encourage and support you through tough times!.

  • You are Experiencing Personal Relationship Issues.
  • Or to assist you with your Life Path Guidance!.

It is no coincidence, that you have been drawn here today. Have you felt your guides around you? Is your intuition promting you to call me? If so, rest assured, you're never alone. Your Angels and Guides are constantly around you.

Are you are in need of guidance?, You may have an important decision to make! Or a burning question to ask? If so, my reading Can & Will Help You! Help and is just a telephone call away. Call me now on 07951 310 888 or if you would like to use your Free minutes on your mobile phone call me on 0191 270 1975 you can also email me to arrange a reading

The late Jean Duncan of The House of Zodiac in Newcatle upon Tyne and the late Arthur H Norris have had a great influence on my Passion for Tarot. These two wise spiritual sages and mentors are both sadly missed. Arthur's Amethyst Crystal, which he gave me as a gift just weeks before he passed away, was like a baton being passed on to his successor. It proudly resides on my Tarot reading table, during reading sessions..

I use my Psychic & Intuitive Skills, to give you timely Life Path Guidance and Assistance. I offer a genuine, honest and insightful reading, with clear answers to your Soul Searching questions; this will move you forward with new found Personal Power and Strength.

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Intuitive Healing

Intuitive Healing is a healing process that utilises the unique ability to see, feel and shift energy blockages inside the body. Using various techniques, including those throughout this website, Nina will release these blocks. Sometimes these blockages are directly connected to a life issue, for example a past trauma, creating a restriction in the flow of our pathways of energy.

The goal of Intuitive Healing is to help you achieve the bright aura and smoothly-flowing energies of a balanced, healthy person by bringing new vision and clarity to all areas of your life. You will learn to use your own creative focus and intuition to heal your body and spirit and continue to open doorways to your inner joy.

Spiritual Counselling (Individuals & Couples)

The aim of Spiritual Counselling is to help people to come to know themselves as whole and complete and totally acceptable. Nina will help you enter into a deeper experience of and relationship to the Divine in your life until such time as you are able to do it yourself. Spiritual Counselling should not be considered as Psychotherapy. Spiritual Counselling may involve looking at negative patterns you are experiencing and helping you to move through and beyond them by using various techniques and therapies to shift perceptions, thought patterns and beliefs, which will help to change your Spiritual experience.

Your unique spirituality and/or religious tradition will be honoured and Nina will not impose her own spirituality or viewpoint onto you.

The major benefit of Spiritual Counselling is the dawning of a more personal, direct and intimate experience of Spirit - however Spirit is perceived. There is a sense not only of emotional healing, but of coming home to one's true self. Spiritual Counselling helps you to turn to Spirit as the strength within you and how to trust it as the rock upon which to walk through your life's journey.


J Seal Removal

To arrange a J Seal Removal (7 Jehovian Seals) and/or Aura Chakra Balancing session, please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also directly.

J Seal Removal session costs only £80 - include an Aura Chakra Balancing and it costs only £97 schedule your session today and get back in touch with your body.


How to book one of these therapies

To arrange any of the above therapies, please telephone Nina on: 07951 310 888.