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Nina Hall
Nina is a channel and facilitator, through whom Spirit Guides work to bring you the most amazing transformational energy.

Aura Photography
With Aura Photography you receive a Polaroid photograph of your aura which Nina will use to give you an Intuitive Analysis.
Aura Photography

Aura 'AVS System'
With theAura 'AVS' it is now possible to see your aura in 'realtime' and receive a detailed analysis of your colours.
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Aura 'Live'


Aura 'Live' sessions cost   £50 see prices and offers for a current price list and special offers.

Who is it for?
Both Aura Photography and Aura 'Live'are suitable for absolutely anyone including...
Aura Photography Debby Harry
...Debby Harry of the infamous band Blondie.

What colour is your aura?
By viewing the human aura, one can tell if a person is healthy and vibrant, or drained of energy, depressed, tired, or if there are any unresolved relationship issues. A healthy aura will be full and clear, while a small, cloudy aura can indicate a weakened immune system.

By studying the colours of the aura, we can also see inherent talents and abilities and it is not uncommon to discover personal spirit guides, angels, deceased relatives, new pregnancies and past life impressions.

It is highly recommended that you have an intuitive reader like Nina interpret your aura photo for you. The colour definitions are merely a guideline and will vary from person to person. The human energy field changes from time to time, as a function of the chakras (energy centers in the body) which govern health, well-being, the emotions and one's view on life.

Aura photos are informative and enlightening. Nina will inspire you and help you to align with your life's path, clearing any blocks and assisting you in healing and moving forward in love and light!

What colour is YOUR personality?

Aura Imagery

Divine Light's Aura Photography Team


Aura Photography / Aura (AVS) System

Aura Photography Red AuraYour actual physical body is only a small part of your true self. The human body is not just the blood and bones we perceive on the physical plane. We are also made of energy that permeates every layer of our being. This energy, which permeates the body and extends out from it at various lengths (usually between two and five feet), and can change according to our moods, health and spiritual character, is known as the Aura.

Everyone has an aura and has already seen or experienced the energy field of others at some point of time. Each colour has its general characteristics, but each shade of that colour can change those characteristics a little. This can be constructive or destructive (see below). Plants, animals and even inanimate objects, also have auras but they differ in structure in varying degrees from the human aura at least as we can perceive them.

The aura changes constantly but may have a predominant colour in the emotional and causal layers. The way the aura is perceived can vary greatly from person to person, depending on the energy level of the person and the way they use that particular part of themselves.

The Aura is broken down into 'layers' from the inner, most dense to the outer, finer or higher vibration layers, namely; etheric, emotional, mental, causal, etheric template, intuitive and cosmic.

These aura layers are not segregated in the way the use of the word layer might seem to imply. These names are by no means complete or definitive and several of the individual layers and the whole system is often called the Astral Body.

Each layer is related to the chakra of the same number. From the inside outward from the body or nearest the physical skin though all layers also penetrate the body. The Aura is densest close to the body and becomes finer moving away from it. In more spiritually developed individuals it is said that they can extend outward up to 50 feet from the body and even further in some cases.

How does Aura Imagery work?

Aura Photography and Aura 'Live' (see below) is based on the understanding of modern research and the knowledge of various cultures over the millennia. These include Kirlian photography, Elektro Stimulation, Electronic Acupuncture, Biofeedback Measurements to name a few, and older healing methods like Acupuncture, Acupressure and Ayurveda.

The individual places his left (and right) hand onto hand sensors which measure standardised biofeedback resonance. These measured points of resonance, which are connected with certain organs and the electromagnetic field, deliver information about the energetic and auric qualities of the individual.

The camera displays your spiritual energy (a combination of body, emotion, mind and spirit) as a colourful field around your body. Although the human energy field changes from time to time, perhaps due to an experience or change of view, an individual's overall aura remains substantially the same over time, but is subject to major changes.

This Aura image is an objective display of mind, body and soul which can help visually verify the subjective perceptions from the therapist or healer. It opens new possibilities of perception for an individual's inner world and allows them the possibility to perceive unconscious reactions and alter them if they wants to.

The Aura forms a protective shield around the body, but can be weakened by poor diet, stress, alcohol, drugs, negative habits, tobacco and lack of exercise or sleep. It can reflect the positive and the negative attitude of a person, and also provides a key to an individual's moods, personality, maturity and health. It also reflects physical and spiritual aspects.

These characteristics can show as distortions and blocks in the aura long before they manifest as illness in the physical plane. If this damage is not repaired and continues to occur over a time then the outward manifestation of this is disease or mental or emotional disruption.

Aura Colours

The following descriptions of the aura colours gives you a general insight into interpretation of auras. Please be aware of the fact that not only the colours but also shapes and combinations of colours play an imminent role. The left hand side of an aura image shows the male active energy while the right hand side indicates the female passive energy. Note that these definitions do not apply to children.

Sometimes very strange and mysterious images, patterns, and shapes appear on the aura photos which defy explanation. It's all part of the great mystery. Enjoy your aura adventures!

Red Aura Red - Desire, vitality, power, the urge to win, to have success, intensity of experience, action, doing, love of sports, struggle, competition, force of will, leadership, strength, courage, passion, eroticism, earthiness, practicality, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, the survival instinct. A majority of young children and teenagers especially boys, have bright red auras.
Orange Aura Orange - Creativity, the emotions, confidence, ability to relateto others in an open and friendly manner, sociability, intuition or gut feeling. The ability to reach out and extend one's self towards others. Many talented sales people, entrepreneurs, and people who deal with the public have orange auras.
Yellow Aura Yellow - Sunny and enthusiastic, cheerful, bright, great sense of humor and fun, optimism, intellectuality, openness to new ideas, happiness, warmth, relaxation. Uninhibited expansiveness, release of burdens, problems and restrictions. Talent for organization. Hope and expectation, inspiration. People with yellow auras encourage and support others by naturally being themselves; they radiate like the sun and they also may have a great ability to analyze complex concepts.
Green Aura Green - Perseverance, tenacity, firmness, patience, sense of responsibility and service, self assertiveness, high ideals and aspirations, dedication, puts high value on work and career. Ambitious desire for respectability and personal attainment, deeply focused and adaptable. Green is also the color of growth and of dedicated parents, social workers, counselors, psychologists, and other persons focusing on creating positive change in the world.
Blue Aura Blue - Depth of feeling, devotion, loyalty, trust, desire to communicate. Puts great importance on personal relationships. Empathetic. May be a dreamer or have artistic ability. Possibly tend to put the needs of others before their own and may ave the ability to meditate, and live in the moment. Blue may be emotionally sensitive, intuitive, inwardly focused, may enjoy solitude, non-competitive activities, be receptive and desire unity, peace, love and affection in relationships with others. They need a calm and tranquil environment. You'll find many blue artists, poets, writers, musicians, philosophers, serious students, spiritual seekers, and people looking for truth, justice and beauty in everything.
Violet or Purple Aura Violet or Purple - Magical, original, tends to be unconventional, often has psychic abilities, unusual charisma and charm, the uncommon ability to make their dreams come true, or manifest their desires in the material world, wish to charm and delight others and can easily connect with higher planes of consciousness. Playful, non-judgemental, tolerant of others' eccentricities. Sensitive and compassionate. "Purples" appreciate tenderness and kindness in others. Not especially practical, they tend to prefer to live in a dream world of their own creation. You'll find many "violet or purple" entertainers, movie stars, free thinkers, visionaries, revolutionaries, and otherwise singular and magnetic individuals. Dark violet could indicate a need to take charge of their life, or perhaps, that the person needs time to spiritually ground him/herself.
Turquoise or White Aura Turquoise or White - Spiritually motivated, the ability to be open and receptive to the divine, or spiritual world. Can merge with All That Is. Probably unconcerned with worldly matters or ambition. Inner illumination, cosmic wisdom characterise the white energy. Young children, energy workers, and intense meditators often will show bright white in their auras.

Aura Analysis

The analysis of the aura is combined with the photographers own intuition who can also use their own spiritual guides to receive information about the subject. The following is a basic example of how this sample aura photograph would be interpreted.

Yellow centre : Joy and happiness surround you now. Your excitement is contagious. Life is your playground. You make everything fun. Even the most tedious of household tasks become a game when you do them because you infuse everything with a sense of playfulness. At heart you are a happy, laughing child. You also have a bright and curious intellect hungry for new and exciting ideas.

Red on left : "Stop lights", "Warning lights", "pushing the limits", these things may have something to do with your future. You will be living life in the "fast lane", and be able to experience life to the fullest. Your future is full of stimulating activity, high energy, accomplishment, a great time to begin and complete projects. Fun is in store for you.

Spiritual Blue on right : The world sees you as a spiritual person, whether you consciously know it or not. You glow with a mysterious inner light. Others know you are tapping into something profound and divine. You have a generally quiet and contemplative nature which has a pacifying effect on others. Unification and a sense of belonging is important to you. You have the ability to communicate on a deep and meaningful level. Your sensitive nature sometimes feels overwhelmed by the harshness of the world, but once you are able to spend quiet time alone, you are able to easily rebalance yourself.

Aura 'Live'

Aura Photography Girl PictureWhilst Aura Photography is based on a Polaroid camera, WinAura 'Live' uses a computer-based system called WinAura. The Polaroid system only takes photographs of a person's head and shoulders, whilst the WinAura system, as well as taking the latest Aura imaging photography, is capable of showing the 7 individual chakras, full-body aura, and also real-time moving images of auras as they change and the colors respond to the person's thoughts and feelings.

The WinAura system provides a fabulous demonstration of how energy workers can make changes to a person's aura, and also for showing how two people respond to one another. Your aura 'phases in' when you put hand onto hand sensor and moves on the screen with head or body of the person who puts the hand on the hand sensor.

You can also receive a 'map' of your body's various spiritual energy fields, view a Body-Mind-Spirit meter, select short or long text printouts (with or without graphs), and receive your text printout in different languages.

Below are some of the sample printouts and photogrpahs that can be produced by the WinAura system.

chakra graph aura frequency aura volume

Aura Photography winaura images

Along with your photograph, an A4 sheet is produced showing three schematics:

  • 1. The balance of the chakras
  • 2. The yin and yang in strength of sexuality and
  • 3. A pie chart showing in percentage form the mind, body and spirit


 A private Aura Photography session is £50 The session includes Intuitive Analysis Aura 'Live' (AVS) session is £50 - See your Aura & Chakras live on screen + 18 page report + Aura Photo & personal reading.

. Discounts are available for multiple and party bookings (see prices and offers).

How to book an Aura Imagery session

To book either an Aura Photography or an Aura 'AVS' session please telephone 07951 310 888. You can also email Nina directly.


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